December 31, 2011


It's been a tough year for many people, and we've had a few bumps along the way too, however, I am very fortunate because my life is full of the things that are most important. I have a great family, lots of love and support, live in a beautiful location, and enjoy a peaceful, creative life.
I generally try to keep personal details out of my blog, but I'm going to make an exception because I'm so proud of my kids. Rachel is teaching high school in Boston and just completed her grad school applications, Sean lives in AZ and just graduated with his M.A. degree, and Jason lives in LA and was just promoted to VP of Music Licensing. Aren't they amazing?

The weather in Santa Barbara has been gorgeous, and I've been out taking lots of photos.
I love to watch these birds race back and forth as they try to avoid the waves.
Here's a simple structure that makes a big impact.
A pet cemetery, perhaps?
A fence with lots of character.
A view of the Santa Ynez valley from 2,000 feet.
A view of Lake Cachuma from 2,000 feet.
A view of the ocean from 2,000 feet.
The recent lunar eclipse.
I hope all of you have a happy and healthy new year!

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imquilternity said...

Lovely photos of a very lovely place! I hope you are giving yourself a big pat on the back for being a wonderful parent. Great kids aren't an accident (as I'm sure you already know.)