September 21, 2013

Using Resists during Dyeing

Look what happened when I stacked brass circles between folded fabric and sandwiched it between plexiglass. The rubber bands held the stack together while I squirted yellow, red and purple dye between the plexiglass plates. 

This is what it looked like when I opened the bundle.

Sky blue was used to over dye the whole piece. It certainly is a unique piece of fabric. It was an interesting experiment and worth exploring more. Next time I'll use a fat quarter instead.

My daughter dyed this shirt using wooden clothespins for the resist. I really like the way she placed the pattern on the diagonal.

Don't the clothespins make a great pattern?


imquilternity said...

Great results and such an interesting concept to use. You always come up with unique techniques.

Sandy said...

those are great.