February 25, 2007

Finished Quilts

I love it when I finish one quilt; three quilts in a couple of weeks is amazing! OK, they're all pretty small, but still they're done. The best part is I really like them all.

"Branching Out" was made using my hand-painted fabric in the large central square and the yellow stripe. The turquoise rectangle is discharged and the turquoise square is stamped. The rest is commercial fabric.

"Winter Wonderland" is made using all commercial fabrics. It was inspired by a black and white photo of trees covered in snow.

"Spring Has Sprung III" was made using using all hand-painted fabric that I created. The background is sun-printed, the trees are discharged and the flowers are painted.


MargaretR said...

Your quilts are great and I would be more than pleased if I had made them

Kathy said...

Judy, I love your creations. They have such an organic quality. Many of them touch me on a very primal level. I can see your love of nature and form in them.

acwo said...

Your Blog is very interesting, I like it :)
keep it up,

Judy Rys said...

acwo: Your blog is great, it made my day! Thanks for sharing.