October 10, 2008

Go with the Flow

Joanna requested some close-ups of my Go with the Flow quilt that won the blue ribbon.
This quilt was made for a Fibervision exhibit at the Big Sky Cafe in San Luis Obispo. The theme that we chose was Blue, but as usual, I had a hard time sticking to the rules. The blues were too cool; it needed some spark, so I added a bit of pink and purple to warm it up.

This is a close-up of the middle section. The pink semi-circle is Angelina fibers. The blue vertical strips on the right have been sewn together with the raw edges exposed.Hopefully, you can see some of the hand stitching in the vertical Tye-dyed section and in the diagonal lines in the middle. The top left section has a grid of pintucks.

Here you can see the beading in the smaller machine appliqued circles. This line of beading continues throughout the whole spiral.


imquilternity said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on the blue ribbon too!

Sandy said...

It's nice seeing the closeups.

Kathy R said...

Judy, this is probably my most favorite quilt that you've done so far... I just LOVE IT! Kudos to you on your win, and especially to Ranell on winning Best of Show... her four "Wild Women" were terrific!

Joanna van said...

Judy thanks for sharing these great detail shots. I can see that you put a lot of work into the composition and I love seeing all the different stitch work. Congratulations to you again!