October 11, 2008

Pyramid Pazzazz

I watched Kathy Rose piece zillions of colorful triangles together. She seemed to have a plan, but I didn't know what the intended outcome was. When I'm not making the quilt, I kind of like the final surprise. This quilt top was on my bed as we auditioned the inner border and I saw it again after it was quilted. I wasn't prepared for how different it looked hanging vertical on the wall. When it was flat, I hadn't noticed the plaid design, the triangles within triangles, the diamonds,, the hexagons, etc. Every time I look at it, I see different shapes! The colors are gorgeous and the color values were handled beautifully. Great job, Kathy!

Here's a close up of Pyramid Pazzazz. Kathy added the misspelled Pazzazz in honor of the musical I worked on earlier in the year. It took Second Place in the Large Traditional Pieced, Commercially Quilted category. Nancy King from Santa Barbara Quilting is responsible for the beautiful all over quilting.Here's our next project. Not quite so beautiful, huh? I didn't really get the "before" photo. All the Juniper bushes have already been removed. Those itchy bushes should have been removed 20 years ago! All you can see in this photo are the stumps. Yeah!

We also removed the Veronica bushes along the curve. We still need to remove all the dead grass/weeds. We ended up with 55 trash bags full of green waste.

Now I've got to come up with a design. Something that incorporates curved paths, drought tolerant plants and pretty colors. My husband thinks planting a garden is like designing a quilt. Do you think they are similar?


Lora Martin said...

Hi Judy,

What great fun! A whole blank space to design an outdoor "quilt". I agree with your husband, it is probably similar - which means it may very well change as it goes along.

Please pass my congratulations on to Kathy. Saw her quilt at the show (again, missed the ribbon) and it is spectacular.

zquilts said...

I would love to know what pattern she used! One of the things that she did that is wonderful I think - is use some solids for a place for your eye to rest. What a great job she did!

Lucky you - having s blank space to create the garden of your dreams in 1

Lynn Douglass said...

Found your blog through Vicki Welsh, and so glad I did! Beautiful work! I'll visit more often!

Lynn Douglass said...

p.s. My friend, Susan Italo, also talks about your work all the time. I just put 2 and 2 together. DUH! If I had a brain, I'd scare myself! ;-)