December 17, 2011

Long Blogging Break

I had many deadlines looming and was feeling a bit overwhelmed. I needed to FOCUS and that meant staying away from the computer. I hope I still have some followers after the long break.

Here are some fabrics that I've been trying to improve with a another layer of paint.
You might remember this one from a previous post. I used a banana slicer to do rubbings. They looked a little obscene, so I decided to disguise them with the purple squares. I think it needs another layer . . . maybe circles.
This piece turned muddy and dull and needed some spark. I added the grid stamp on top in a silverish blue. I think it still needs another layer . . . maybe circles! LOL
This fabric was really grey and ugly and was not usable for anything. I added the spokes and dots. The upper corner needs another layer but I haven't decided what yet.
This was a blue screen print on white denim. I filled the negative (white) spaces with dye-na-flow and it instantly became very colorful. I think this will make a nice bag.
This was a very pretty (pastel) background with very regular patterns printed on it. It was one of my first attempts at fabric painting. It was too pretty and too regular and needed some chaos. It's getting better, but needs something else. Maybe circles!!??

I would love to hear your ideas on what the next layer should be.


imquilternity said...

You must be in a "circles" mood? lol I love your fabrics and although I don't have a suggestion as to how to make the improvements you believe are needed, I will have fun watching what you do.

Michele Matucheski said...

Beautiful saves! I especially like the circles and dots. Nice job!

Sandy said...

I like the negative space in the one you don't know what to do with the upper left corner.

liniecat said...

Now you see I saw silk worms in number one and believe me Im quick to spot obscene lol
so fear not lol
Such great results there and using kitchenalia too! neat..
the sots and circles look fab......diagonals might balance that one? But then Id quite like it spotty and circular all over lol, maybe use darker colours on that other corner?

Doreen K. said...

I see circles made from cans of different sizes and only a few.