April 18, 2010

Progress . . . Inside and Out

It was a good weekend . . . my "To Do" list is definitely a little shorter. The long days and warm temperatures really make the flowers bloom. Here are a couple of close ups of flowers in my garden.
Nothing like a beautiful Gerber Daisy. They are easy to grow and seem to live forever.
This is an Angel Trumpet Tree. Right now, it's around 5 feet tall, however, they can grow up to 15 feet tall.
Here's a couple of finished panels for my Fibervision challenge. Will it be finished by next weekend? I'm not sure. I still have to finish two panels and attach them all to the black canvas.
The fabric and embellishments in each panel is completely different, however, each has layers of paint, dye or marker. They have been rubbed, screened, scraped, sun-printed and bleached. There is quite a bit of hand stitching, lots of beads and some re-purposed items attached.
With any luck, I'll have a photo of the finished piece ready for the next post. Stay tuned!


Ann Flower said...

I bet they smell as wonderful as they are beautiful!Great photoing!

Rayna said...

Ah, Judy, you are nonstop and your pieces for the challenge look great!

Kathy D said...

Hey Jude, Your art is fantastic! I knew you had artistic talent ever since your art lessons in 1972. I have'nt got to the Ventura mueseum yet but we will get there soon. Nice work on your blog, one of the best I've seen yet!!